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M8 Terminal Block

I use quite a lot of these Terminal Blocks in my work doing wiring in caravans and canopies. They can be purchased from suppliers, but I find them to be quite expensive for what they are. They can be purchased from M6 to M10, but they dont have a very good range of bolt length.

I played around with the idea of these for a while, doing a few test pieces out of PLA. They worked fine and some of them have several years worth of use on them. I now print them out of PETG as I was starting to use them in more extreme environtments.

I have used M6 bolts anywhere from 20mm to 60mm depending on how many terminals you need to put on them. The head of a standard DIN bolt is 13mm which should be snug inside the block. Once you tighten the nut up the first time it will pull the head in.

I have included the Fusion 360 File, STL File and a screenshot of print orientation. Supports shouldnt be needed, but as always, a single test print first will help you decide. With PETG having no cooling fan it doesnt bridge very well. If you are having issues you may need to put some supports under the shelf where the bolt head goes.

Download the .RAR file here

Printer Settings

Material: PETG
Nozzle size: 0.4mm
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Infill: 40%
Walls: 4
Top and Bottom layers: 4

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