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SRM 9000 Power and Programming connections

I purchased a couple of used SRM9000 radios recently. These are high quality, 25w commercial radios on the UHF band. The didnt have power cables with them and didnt have programming leads. I went down to the local Jaycar and picked up a DB15 Female connector and Backshell , a USB to Serial Adapter and a 1m LAN lead to cut up. Here are some quick tips for hooking them up.

The only wires required to get the unit to work are -VE (GND), +VE (13.8V) and the Speaker. All other pins are not required. Ignition sense is good to use if hardwiring into a vehicle.

I soldered some headers to a piece of veroboard for the Serial Adapter to hook to and used the following connections. To get the programming to work you need to Turn the radio on, Unplug the microphone and then plug in the USB to Serial LAN cable. Once this is done you can open the software and program the radio.

The software can be hard to find so I have also included a copy of the software here.

Download the Software .RAR file here

Serial to Lan cable

GND on Serial - LAN pin 7
RX on Serial - LAN pin 1
TX on Serial - LAN pin 2

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