Gelstorm PET bottle adapter

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After fixing my sons SKD gel blaster my younger son also needed to have a capacity upgrade on his Gelstorm blaster. We tried fitting the original SKD mount to it but it failed to even go on. The Gelstorm uses a funny sized rail compared to most other blasters. I modified the size of the adapter and the position for the bolt hole to line up with the rail nothces.

The attached .RAR file has all associated Images, .STL and .SCAD files for you. You will need to install Nophead's NopSCADlib Library to get the threads to work if you wish to modify or render the .SCAD file. Please take note of the images showing print orientation and support blockers used.

Download complete archive of files. This includes all Images, STL File and OpenSCAD File

Gelstorm PET Bottle adapter .RAR Archive

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