SKD M1911 CS-001 PET bottle adapter

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My sons SKD Gel blaster suffered a broken hopper mount due to dropping it on the concrete. We glued it back together to finish off our fun for the day but ultimately it needed to be replaced. I looked around for a suitable file already designed but could not find anything available and decided to have a go at designing one. I installed Nophead's NopSCADlib Library and done a few test prints to get the sizing right using his Thread calculations.

It was at this stage we decided to model the threads to suit 600ml PET bottle. We used Pepsi bottles but it should be a standard fit for most PET style bottles. The adapter fits nicely on the rail but I decided to add a hole through the side for extra locking power. It can be fastened with an M4 x 45 Bolt. We used a locknut but this can be replaced with a washer and star washer instead.

I did try to install a nut trap for the M4 locknut but the model didn't have enough depth under the nut to still retain its strength. I didn't want to oversize the base so left it without one.

The attached .RAR file has all associated Images, .STL and .SCAD files for you. You will need to install Nophead's NopSCADlib Library to get the threads to work if you wish to modify or render the .SCAD file. Please take note of the images showing print orientation and support blockers used.

Download complete archive of files. This includes all Images, STL File and OpenSCAD File

SKD M1911 CS-007 PET Bottle adapter .RAR Archive

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