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This is a Work In Progress page of building and setting up my truck canopy. It will be evolving over time and I will add updates to it when something else has been completed. Be sure to check back often to keep track of the project and what I am up to on it.

Building, Mounting the canopy and tray sides

I have been wanting a canopy on the truck ever since I purchased it. This will allow me to use the truck for work and also for camping and day trips a lot easier. One side will be setup with 12v/240v power, fridge, freezer and a full kitchen. The other side will have large slide out drawers to put all my tools in for work. I was going to build it myself but I just don't have enough spare time with so much work going on, I prefer to use my weekends to do family stuff instead of working. I spoke to a fabricator locally who has built quite a few of these canopy's and we decided on a size of 2000mm Long, 2050mm Wide and 1200mm High. This was a good size but also didn't allow for too much waste of materials.

I visited him a few times over the 2 weeks to discuss where I needed support built into the frame and how I was going to set it up. The first picture is taken in his workshop of the completed frame. We had to modify the Whale Tail locks and the bottom gas strut brackets to make them work. The gas struts use a simple M8 Standoff which can be purchased from Ebay. The locks needed to be extended by 15mm so I purchased M6 coupler nuts and M6 grub screws to make this extension.

Once the canopy was picked up I proceeded to mount it using 4 x bolts in the corner. I do actually think I will get some countersunk bolts and sink them into the floor for a nicer look, but that is all I had on hand to test it out.

The next job was the tray sides. I used some 100x50x6mm angle attached to the canopy to act as a false headboard for the sides to latch to. I didn't want to cut up my factory sides so I contacted the manufacturer of my tray and got them to send up enough parts to make 2 x small sides exactly the same as factory, this way if I decide to remove the canopy at any stage I still have fully functional sides to use on the truck. The sides went together very easily, they are just all bolt together and came as a kit. All I had to do was cut the main rail to final length before installing the capping trims and latches

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