In the field of wiring for caravans and canopies, terminal blocks are indispensable. However, their cost from suppliers can be prohibitive, and their range in bolt lengths often insufficient. To address these issues, we’ve developed 3D-printed M8 terminal posts – a cost-effective alternative for wiring needs. The Fusion 360 file we provide allows for easy replication and customization, making this solution accessible to all.

Innovative Origins

The idea of 3D-printed M8 terminal posts was born out of practical necessity. As someone deeply involved in wiring, the high cost of pre-made terminal blocks led to experimentation. Initial PLA prototypes proved functional and durable, with some still in use after years. To meet the demands of extreme environments, we transitioned to PETG material.

Customization and Precision

3D printing enables precise customization, a key advantage of our M8 terminal posts. They can accommodate M8 bolts ranging from 20mm to 60mm, with a snug fit for the standard 13mm DIN bolt head. Tightening the nut secures the head, ensuring a reliable connection.

Sharing the Innovation

We’re committed to sharing this innovation with the community. We provide the Fusion 360 file and a single STL file for easy replication. The Fusion file includes two models: a single and double bolt style to meet various needs.

Optimizing Printing

For successful printing, we recommend using supports touching the buildplate, especially for the base with the bolt head recess. Starting with a single model as a test print helps determine the necessity of supports and streamlines the production process.


Our 3D-printed M8 terminal posts represent a cost-effective and customizable solution in the wiring industry. By sharing the Fusion 360 file, we aim to inspire others to embrace this innovative approach. The era of affordable and versatile terminal blocks has arrived, thanks to 3D printing and ingenuity. Join us in this wiring revolution by designing and printing your M8 terminal posts.

Printer Settings

Material: PETG
Nozzle Temp: 220c
Bed Temp: 80c
Nozzle size: 0.6mm
Layer Height: 0.3mm
Infill: 40%
Walls: 4
Top and Bottom layers: 6

You can download the complete .RAR file Here

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